Saturday, November 23, 2019

Big C Breeds A New Cute Amateur Visiting From France

This cute Twink sent me pics and was over just hours later... He has a nice boy dick and the smoothest, sweetest bubble butt!! We literally fuck around on the top floor fireside for hours. He does everything so well: sucks a mean dick, bottoms deep in literally any position, and had no hangups about being in front of the camera. These are my absolute favorite types of encounters!! I told him to hit me up whenever he's in town! Enjoy! 

Saturday, November 16, 2019

19-year-old white male abused by securiy guard

The Loss Prevention Officer receives complaints from female patrons that a 19-year-old white malecustomer has been cat-calling them on store property. The Officer detains the perp and brings him back to the office for questioning. During the interrogation, the perp displays intense hostility and aggression. The resistance escalates into a physical altercation between the perp and the Loss Prevention Officer. At this point, the Officer is forced to protect himself, using a leather restraint to gag the perp and ensure his safety. The rest of this case is classified.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Buddies Three Play

As the last days of summer play out, these three are looking to make the most of what's left of the sun. It's a triple play weekend for Carter Woods, Johnny B and Ryan Jordan. After cooling off in the pool, the get hot and steamy upstairs in the bedroom as the three of them indulge in all of their raunchy desires. They pass Johnny around like a party favor before taking turns shooting their loads, and this is one party where everyone can cum! Enjoy! 

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