Monday, August 31, 2020

Hot House Flippers 
Co-hosts Ryan Rose and Austin Avery are doing 'The Big Reveal' for buyer Wess Russel, as he sees the finished remodel of his new Palm Springs vacation rental. 'So, what's the first thing you'd like to get into in your new space?' asks Austin. 'Well,' says Wess, 'I mean, everybody's been fucking here. So, I mean, maybe we could fuck?' In what's sure boost their ratings, and double the market value, the three get down and dirty as the cameras roll. Ryan takes the lead as he and Austin tag-team Wess, first rimming, sucking and face-fucking the happy homeowner, then spinning him around for a raw piledrive with each of their giant fuck-poles. Wess has a huge dick too, and he and Austin take turns in the middle of a threeway train, pumping cum in a flip-fuck that shows the true meaning of being a house flipper.

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Jared Fucks A Visiting Fan In The Army

Check out this 15 minute Video “Jared Entertains A Visiting Fan In The Army”. This fan had reached out to Jared with some hot pics and told Jared he was the man of his dreams. He also said he was down to come over in his army uniform and show off on camera. I played with a trick in the poolhouse while Jared filmed this in one of the guest rooms. Jared gets his nice dick and sweet hole serviced for a while before fucking the dude’s big ass… They both blow huge loads at the end!!! Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Alpha gets it first! 💪

Meeting new pledge Lance Weber for the first time, chapter prefect Aspen has to admit he's less than impressed. Lance doesn't seem to know jack shit about what he's doing, and Aspen frankly wonders how he managed to make it through hazing. When Lance suggests he may have persuaded Aspen's brother's with a little oral consideration, Aspen becomes livid, telling Lance that he gets first crack at any new crack, and he marches Lance upstairs directly. Once there, his opinion of Lance changes immediately, as the new pledge shows off the skills that earned him such strong consideration. Aspen has to admit, he may not have got there first, but it was worth the wait, and when Lance fucks the cum out of him and coats him with his own load, Aspen agrees with his brothers that Lance's shortcomings are nothing compared to his thick, long ones. Enjoy!

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