Sunday, October 24, 2021

Epic 3 Way Morning Fuck: Tarzan_Topxxxl Fucks Cory & Jared

Don't miss this CRAZY HOT video (almost 1 hour total) "Epic 3 Way Morning Fuck: Tarzan_Topxxxl Fucks Cory & Jared". It's rare that a guy makes Jared & I BOTH want to bottom, but Tarzan is just that guy. He's a crazy sexy, hung thick, and confident as fuck total top. As an added bonus, he loves sucking big dick and is incredibly talented. Jared & I enjoyed every fucking minute... And after this crazy hot morning fuck session. we take a break for some home made breakfast, then start in for another round. Stay tuned, more to cum with Tarzan! 

Monday, October 11, 2021

Pluggin Holes!

We like real dicks but mixing in some toys to get our asses gaping, getting us teased only makes us more cock hungry. It's like mixing tops on top of tops and prepping for more. Nothing beats the real thing after getting some of the fake shit. You can see how much more we're craving raw dick and big loads after these guys got a few toys in our asses. Sometimes we worry that dick will get boring till we get plastic dick in our ass... then the real cocks slide in and it's like we're fresh to being raw is law cumdumps again.