Sunday, October 2, 2022

Verse Sleepover: Big C & AJ Sloan Flip Fuck

Don't miss this SEXY video (1 hour total!) "Verse Sleepover: Big C & AJ Sloan Flip Fuck".  I had been chatting with this lean sexy fuker on Twitter, and knew we'd hit it off.  We planned a sleepover, and couldn't keep our hands off each other.  We flipped the night away, taking breaks just to shower, eat, and jacuzzi.  The next morning we woke up eager for more-- In total I busted 4 times and he busted 3!  Kick ass chemistry and tons of sexual energy-- And he wants more... Stay Tuned!

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Loser Gets Dicked

Man we got money to throw around on the game, so we throw ass around. Gotta keep shit interesting and it's too easy when we got nothing but pledges to fuck. Only full bros can do bets. This loser, swear he loves our dicks cuz he always picks the loser and always bets against all the bros. Some guys just stay bitches and need an excuse to keep gettin dicked down. 

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Big C Flips with a hung, vers dude from Grindr! πŸ“±

Check out this Scorchin HOT 40 minute Video "First Fuck Vid In The New House: Big C Flips With A Hung, Verse Dude From Grindr". It's so crazy to turn on Grindr at the new house because it's a whole new set of local guys! This dude wanted a Flip session with me before introducing me to his amazingly sexy boyfriend a few days later. I apologize in advance for the bruise on my butt-- We are still sore and bruised from the car accident, and my tailbone got damaged bigtime! The sex is crazy hot though, two masculine verse dude flippin like crazy!!! Enjoy!

Enter Here and Enjoy the Full Video at The Big C Men!

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Game day hit up! 🏈

Don't matter how hard a pledge tries to be a frat bro, if it's too close to game day we keep him in bitch mode. This shit excuse of a man has been stuck as a pledge for a while and it looks like it's getting to him. Cried like a girl while we took our turns and watched the game, had to tie him down. Maybe we'll let him join if he can keep his holes open without whining next game day.

Enter Here and Enjoy the Full Video at Fraternity X!

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Sleepover Fuck: Big C Breeds Jimmy Standard - Twice!!

Ya'all can NOT miss this SUPER HOT 11 minute video "Sleepover Fuck: Big C Breeds Jimmy Standard- Twice". My choice of scene partners seems to always revolve around who wants Daddy's big dick the most, and this newbie does not disappoint. He had been fantasizing about my cock for years, and as it turns out we have some mutual fuck buds... Anyway, the dude's ass is literally a 10, both in aesthetic AND feel! I swear it's the smoothest boy pussy, and you can see my euphoria as I glide my thick throbbing cock in and out. I wish every dude could take me like this-- He sleeps over and I breed him twice! There's more with Jimmy to come, we went to a sex club and brought home a Daddy. Stay Tuned!