Saturday, December 19, 2020

Homowithahammer & Jared Hot Bareback Flip Fuck

Check out this super SEXY 10 minute Part 1 of "Morning Fucking With Homowithahammer Before Fisting 4 Way". In this Part 1, Homowithahammer starts off bottoming for Jared, and then the two flip. I'm cameraman, and a damn good one at that LOL. I capture these boys in the hottest sex, both hardcore and intimate. We had a fisting 4 way scene planned for later that day, so all 3 of us had the goal of not cumming. In part 2, Jared takes over the camera and Daddy bottoms for Homowithahammer. ENJOY!

Monday, December 7, 2020

Viral seed!

It's been hard around here at the frat with all this corona shit going on. We haven't been able to initiate any new pussy pledges. Only a matter of time before we figured out who the biggest pussy brother was. We showed him what we could give him. Spit, loads, and a lot of fucking bro bone!

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