Sunday, March 27, 2022

Hot Afternoon 3 Way Fuck

Posting this insanely hot 38 minute Video "Hot Afternoon 3 Way Fuck: Michael Roman, Jake Morgan & Big C". I have already made videos with both these hunky porn stars, and they know each other through studio porn as well. Neither one lives here, but both were recently in town at the SAME time! So I told them both to come over on one of my days off for a pool/fuck day. They flip with each other and both bottom for Daddy. I'm so into both of them, so this was a fun video for me for sure... I breed Michael Roman's sweet as soooo deep at the end! Enjoy!

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Friday, March 4, 2022

Little naughty guy punished by his supervisor

This one keeps getting into trouble. It could be that he is worse than the other residents, or it could be that word has gotten around among the House Managers that he's a good fuck. At any rate, this time Dylan ends up in trouble and on his knees, with yet another big fat cock delving into the depths of his throat. After some serious skull fucking, the little guy is turned onto his knees, ass up.

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