Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Daddy Jax keeps his son's best friend busy

After Jack Bailey storms off to get his guts rearranged by Johnny, Trevor Harris is left on the couch to play video games alone. Jax Thirio knows a better way to keep his son's best friend busy and that's making sure that he busts a big, fat nut. Game on.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Cory & Jared Breed Superstar Sean Maygers

Do NOT miss this EPIC 2 Part Video (almost one hour long) "Cory & Jared Breed Superstar Sean Maygers".  We've been drooling over this sexy man for a long while, and Jared had already told me repeatedly that he has a crush on him.  He was finally visiting and made time in his busy schedule for us.  After a brief introduction, we headed up to the gym to get freaky.  Sean's ass is so damn tasty, and he takes dick sooooo well!! Jared starts off on him with a big, sloppy breed and I handle the cam while they go at it.  When it's my turn, I literally go back and forth eating his ass and fucking him on the sling-- NO JOKE ONE OF THE BEST ASSES I'VE HAD IN A WHILE.  This man is a superstar, for sure!  I literally had to cum a second time after swallowing his tasty load!  Enjoy!