Sunday, April 18, 2021

Cory & Jared Breed Superstar Sean Maygers

Do NOT miss this EPIC 2 Part Video (almost one hour long) "Cory & Jared Breed Superstar Sean Maygers".  We've been drooling over this sexy man for a long while, and Jared had already told me repeatedly that he has a crush on him.  He was finally visiting and made time in his busy schedule for us.  After a brief introduction, we headed up to the gym to get freaky.  Sean's ass is so damn tasty, and he takes dick sooooo well!! Jared starts off on him with a big, sloppy breed and I handle the cam while they go at it.  When it's my turn, I literally go back and forth eating his ass and fucking him on the sling-- NO JOKE ONE OF THE BEST ASSES I'VE HAD IN A WHILE.  This man is a superstar, for sure!  I literally had to cum a second time after swallowing his tasty load!  Enjoy! 

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