Saturday, July 3, 2021

Daddy punishes this 19-year-old twink's virgin ass until he makes him cry!!

Falling off of the wagon is easy - and common. Falling off the wagon has consequences, too.
Well, this loser couldn’t stay on the wagon long enough to get through his first few weeks, and we can’t just have guys like him running around the House setting a bad example for the others. So, as a House Manager, I did what I had to do. He didn’t take to sucking my cock too kindly, I’ll admit, but I was much more interested in his 19 year old virgin hole!. I hit the jackpot, too, because this guy is expressive! With every centimeter, every quiver, every slight thrust of my cock into his poop chute, he winced, whined, wailed, and cried. It was fucking amazing.

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