Friday, July 30, 2021

Manly Gym 3 Way!

"Manly Gym 3 Way: Big C & Mason Lear Tag Clint Weller Preview".  Clint Weller started out an amateur bud of mine, and has already been featured in a few vids.  He recently started an Onlyfans page and Twitter, and absolutely loves sex!  I knew him and Mason would hit it off, so I set up this early afternoon 3 way, where we got down hard in the gym.  Clint is verse, but a truly amazing, beautiful bottom.  So naturally, Mason and I trade off tagging him hard and deep.  The video is porn perfection all around, full of oral, fucking, and some amazing cumshots.  I love when natural chemistry meets talent and the record button is pushed! Do NOT MISS this 1 hour 2 Part Video 


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